People "In and Around Your Neighborhood, Around Your Way" are talking.

The Most Ridiculous Actions, People, Places and Things!
People "In and Around your Neighborhood, Around your Way, are talking."

Book: Copyright 2008

There are various ways people are encouraged to release their frustrations
with things that occur in our everyday lives such as: 


  • Radio programs - Stuff that gets on your nerves, What bothers you segment(s)
  • Books - Most Ridiculous
  • I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore (NETWORK) - Movies


This book was COMPILED - public comments/suggestions/opinions that was put together and written and then titiled "THE MOST RIDICULOUS" that was published during one of the most difficult times around the world. For example;

  1. Loss of jobs
  2. Loss of homes
  3. Huge decline in the middle class which has led an increase in the poor class.
  4. Loss of financial savings, etc., etc., etc.

Some things have changed for the better and some have remained the same. There is still alot of work to do by us THE PEOPLE. We all have to do our parts to right the wrongs.  If not for our sake, but for the sake of our young people, our environment and of course for the sake of our financial well being.

Here's to less ridiculous in our lives.


"Coming Soon"

Motion Picture/Video - "The Most Ridiculous Actions, People, Places and Things!"